Zethu Matebeni

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Lecturer, WGSS Spring 2017
Zethu Matebeni is senior researcher with the Huma Institute for Humanities in Africa, and the convenor of the Queer in Africa series and lectures in the Sociology Department. In 2011 Zethu received a PhD at WISER, Wits University and has been furthering research interests and publishing on queer issues, sexuality, gender, race, HIV and AIDS, African film, cinema and photography. Zethu has been a Visiting Assistant Researcher at Yale University and has received numerous research fellowships. Zethu is an activist and a documentary film-maker and has curated exhibitions, including Jo’burg TRACKS: Sexuality in the City, and a book project Reclaiming Afrikan: queer perspectives on sexual and gender identities. Zethu’s first co-production Breaking Out of the Box: Stories of black lesbians, (40mins, 2011) has screened locally and internationally and has written the short film Rise.