Ambereen Toubassy ‘94 WGSS Graduate Student Travel Fund: Grant Application

Thanks to a generous recent gift from Ambereen Toubassy, Class of 1994, the WGSS Program is happy to announce a new funding resource for graduate students in the WGSS Certificate Program.  Up to seven graduate students per year will receive up to $700 each towards travel to an academic conference related to their work in the Certificate.  WGSS understands that those who do interdisciplinary scholarship often need to attend multiple conferences a year, and we are grateful to be able to support the professional development of our Certificate students.  Applications will be accepted twice a year (in February and October), with priority given to those who are presenting papers and who lack other sources of funding.

–Applications will be accepted twice a year; deadlines:  October 25, 2019 and February 14, 2020

(You must be enrolled in the WGSS Graduate Certificate Program to qualify for this travel fund grant.)
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