WGSS Colloquium

Event time: 
Monday, September 11, 2017 - 5:30pm
WLH Rm 309 See map
100 Wall Street - Yale University WLH
Event description: 
September 11 
Gavriel Cutipa-Zorn (American Studies)
“Rooting for Repression: the CIA, Israel, and the Nicaraguan Contras”
Abstract: I trace a covert circuit of security expertise in the 1980s that allowed the transfer of arms, counterinsurgency tactics, and gendered images of terrorism from the United States, via Israel, to Nicaragua. I argue the shared tactics led to the rise of globalized War on Terror tactics of counterinsurgency warfare.
Micah Grace Khater (History)
“White Arab: A Creative Nonfiction Essay”
Abstract: Creative nonfiction can powerfully inform the production of historical scholarship. This autobiographical piece, called “White Arab,” invites historical analysis of race and gender through personal history and prose. The presentation and subsequent discussion of this work is intended to open up a larger dialogue about the gendering of historical “objectivity.”