“After Big Brother Is It Big Mommy?”

July 23, 2012

Chair and Professor of Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, Inderpal Grewal, recently published a new article on Huffington Post.  The article, titled “After Big Brother Is It Big Mommy,” explores parental control, motherhood, and the commercializing of children’s safety.  Professor Grewal interrogates the problem of online safety for children and the duty of parents to watch over their children’s online lives.  Professor Grewal examines the fear manufactured by the media that drives the consumption of parental control products and suggests that such software is not as effective as parents would hope.  She writes, “children, especially technologically adept ones, can find ways around the software.”  Further, Grewal reveals that some companies that sell parental control products also sell information about the children the software is supposed to be protecting.  The reader is asked to question the fine line between parenting and policing.  “But all this software goes beyond such reasonable fears to turn mothering into policing, ” she writes.  She ultimately suggests, “the quest for the perfect mother is perfect for selling products, but not for mothering.”  To read the full story, click here.