The Class I’ll Never Forget

July 23, 2012

The most recent issue of Yale Alumni Magazine features an article titled “The Class I’ll Never Forget.”  The editors ask Yale alumni to talk about a class at Yale that can never be forgotten.  Janna Wagner ‘95, founder of All our Kin, chose “Introduction to Women’s Studies and Femenist Thought,” taught by WGSS professor Laura Wexler.  Wagner says that Professor Wexler “gave name to things I had been thinking but didn’t know were called ‘feminism.’”  “I’m a better teacher, entrepreneur, and nonprofit administrator because of the foundation I got in that class,” continues Wagner about her experience taking the course.  To read more about what Wagner has to say about this course and Professor Wexler, or to learn about other unforgettable courses, read the complete article on the Yale Alumni Magazine website.