Congratulations, WGSS 2015 Prize Winners!

May 26, 2015
WREXHAM PRIZE for the best Yale College senior essay
  • Chamonix A. Adams Porter, Private Universities, Public Policies: Spheres of Influence and Sexual Misconduct at Yale
STEERE Prize in Women’s Studies
  • Taylor Nicolas, ”Who Was Your Grandfather on Your Mother’s Side?” Law, Seduction, and Racial Identity in 1932 Virginia
LILY ROSEN Prize in Women’s Health:
  • Olivia Rosenthal, The Road to Roe: Sterilization, Contraception, and Abortion in Charlotte, North Carolina, 1943-1974
SHANA ALEXANDER Research Fellowship in WGSS:
  • Rebecca Bakal, Innovations in Reentry: The Birth Justice Project Doula Training Program & Internship at ANSIRH
  • Emily Hays, Anti-Rape Movements in India
  • Dianne Lake, Female Empowerment in Post-conflict Societies
ELGA WASSERMAN AWARD is given to a senior who has shown extraordinary commitment to the advancement of social justice and gender equality at Yale College
  • Chamonix Amelia Adams Porter