Help Protect the Vote on Election Day!

November 1, 2016

Dear Friend,

Let’s not kid around — there’s never been an American election like this one. We’re all doing everything we can to ensure confidence in and uphold the integrity of our democracy, the light of the world.

Foreign government hacking and interference. The intrusion by the FBI into the election. Cries of a “rigged election.” Citizens being urged to go into inner city neighborhoods to “watch out” for fraud. All on top of an election that laid bare deep anger and legitimate discontent among millions of Americans. 

What can we all do to make sure our democracy stays strong? One key thing is the Election Protection hotline run by the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law. The Brennan Center is proud to be part of it. Thousands of lawyers and other volunteers will be able to help voters who face problems at the polls.

We hope you will share this voter pledge with anyone you know who might find it useful. It provides information about the hotline — 866-OUR-VOTE — that will help thousands on Election Day.

At a time like this, we should all respond with a passionate defense of the values of democracy and freedom that have defined our nation at its best.

Please share this with your friends.

If you see any problems, report them to Election Protection at 866-OUR-VOTE, and to your local officials. And if you’d like to volunteer for the hotline, please sign up here.


Michael Waldman
Brennan Center for Justice

P.S. We’re proud to partner with The Nation, Rock the Vote, the Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights,, and Daily Kos in this effort. Join us. Stand up for democracy. Make your voice heard.

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