WGSS Chair, Inderpal Grewal publishes Saving the Security State

October 19, 2017
Congratulations to Inderpal Grewal, our brilliant Chair, upon the publication of her timely and important new book: “Saving the Security State: Exceptional
Citizens in Twenty-First Century America.” Inderpal writes: “I had thought this was going to be a short book. I had written an essay on “Security moms” and thought that I would just expand that into a few other directions and write a long essay on the topic of gender and security. But it turned out I had a lot to say and explore about US imperial power in the new century. Trained as a postcolonial studies scholar, but one who had become interested in the relation between postcolonial politics and transnational epistemologies and analytics, I thought US empire could be examined through a transnational lens that could critique the geopolitics of exceptionalism. Instead of a long essay, it’s now a book that took almost a decade to write.” The first chapter is available for download from Duke University Press, here. Check out the awesome cover, too.
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