Transnational Queer Materialism

Rana Jaleel

Contributors to this special issue explore “queer of color,” a category first formulated in the United States that is now used in scholarship across the world. Posing questions such as “What racial or other orders can be captured and missed by an indiscriminate application of this term?” and “What histories, theorizations, and reconfigurations of racial capitalism are necessitated and enacted by such travel?,” the authors seek to co-mobilize and retheorize queer of color critique and global racial capitalism.

Contributors: Sahin Açikgöz, Angel Aedo, Neda Atanasoski, Oriana Bernasconi, Howard Chiang, Debanuj DasGupta, Joao Gabriel, Christoph Hanssmann, Rana M. Jaleel, Petrus Liu, Damián Omar Martínez, Durba Mitra, Fernando Pairican, Juan Porma, Alicia Olivari, Rahul Rao, Evren Savci, Svati P. Shah, Hentyle Yapp