WGSS Speaker Series 2018/19

WGSS Speaker Series 2018/19

Kinship in Times of Suspicious Citizenship
WGSS Lecture Series, 2018–2019
Sponsored by: WGSS; The Edward J. & Dorothy Clarke Kempf Memorial Fund; Center for Race, Indigineity, & Transnational Migration; Council on Middle East Studies; Council on East Asia Studies; European Studies Council; LGBTS

This lecture series explores the relationship between political life and kinship. The series attends to processes and practices of kinning in relation to politics and governance, bureaucracy and neoliberalism, borders, borderlands, and the production of internal and external “enemies,” as well as for thinking through genders and sexualities. Presenters engage recurring questions about meanings and representations of belonging, essentially, what kinship means to people, while also bringing these very questions into meaningful conversation with the practices through which political, juridical, and economic formations—from the nation-state to corporate and media networks—have become invested in categorizing and regulating relations of kinship and reproduction.  In considering how intimacy is negotiated with and against institutional investments, the lectures probe how more and more practices and idioms of citizenship are being rendered suspect.

October 29th, 12noon 
Lara Deebs, Scripps College

January 29th, 4pm
Laura Briggs - University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Eleana Kim - University of California, Irvine
Kim Park Nelson - Minnesota State University

February 27th, 12noon
Sylvia Yanagisako - Stanford University

March 6th, 12noon
Jennifer Cole - University of Chicago

All events will be held in WLH Rm 309