Hazel Carby

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Charles C & Dorathea S Dilley Professor of African American Studies & American Studies Emerita
81 Wall St, New Haven, CT 06511-6606
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Hazel V. Carby is Charles C. and Dorathea S. Dilley Professor of African American Studies, Professor of American Studies and Director of the Initiative on Race Gender and Globalization . Her books include Reconstructing Womanhood (OUP, 1987), Race Men (Harvard, 1998), and Cultures in Babylon (Verso, 1999) and her current work–in–progress is Child of Empire. Recent publications include: “Postcolonial Translations,” Ethnic and Racial Studies 30/2 December 2006; “US/UK Special Relationship: The Culture of Torture in Abu Ghraib and Lynching Photographs,” NKA Journal of Contemporary African Art no. 20 (Fall 2006): 60–71; “Becoming a Modern Racialized Subject: ‘detours through our pasts to produce ourselves anew,’ an exploration of the influence of Stuart Hall, forthcoming in Cultural Studies ; and “Lost in Translation,” an introduction to CCCS Working Papers in Cultural Studies: Volume 2, forthcoming, London: Routledge 2007.

WGSS 343 Diasporic Literature
WGSS 411 Fiction of Imaginary or Imminent Futures
WGSS 455 Represenatation & the Black Female