Moira Fradinger

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Assoc Prof Comparative Lit
451 College St, New Haven, CT 06511-8906
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Research interests: South American, Caribbean and European fiction, film and intellectual history; Ancient Greek and modern tragedy; the French revolutionary imagination; Haiti; French and Italian cultural exchanges with Latin America; literary and feminist theory; political philosophy; anthropology of violence; psychoanalysis; film studies and Third Cinema.

She is the author of Binding Violence: Literary Visions of Political Origins (Stanford UP, 2010) and is currently working on a second book-length project on the Latin American rewritings of Antigone, with the working title “Antigonas: A Latin American Tradition.” She has two other projects in progress: a study of Latin American cinema in the sixties, and a study of the anarchist imagination, focusing on anarchist journals produced on both sides of the Atlantic at the beginning of the XX century. She has also translated literary texts from a number of Romance languages into English.

She holds a Ph.D in Comparative Literature from Yale University, an M.A in Women’s Studies from the Institute for Social Studies in Holland and a “Licenciatura” in Psychology from the University of Buenos Aires in Argentina.