What to do with a WGSS Degree

Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies is a liberal arts interdisciplinary program.  WGSS degrees empower students to transform the world.   Students acquire the knowledge and skills to prepare them as innovators, scholars, and activists; to cultivate them as leaders in feminist and social justice projects, in journalism and digital media, in law and public policy, and in community organizing and corporate enterprise.

WGSS majors have gone on to pursue graduate education and have pursued varied and successful careers in law, medicine, higher education, business, advocacy/nonprofit, and government. 


Entertainment Attorney

Physician (Adolescent Medicine)

Assistant Professor of French Literature

Founder of Soccer Clinic Company

Adolescent Sexual Health Educator and Advocate

Foreign Service Officer for the United States Department of State

Corporate Lawyer

Physician (Internal Medicine)

Associate Professor of English

Entrepreneur and CEO of Technology Companies

Community Educator and Counselor at a Sexual Assault Crisis Center

Employee Rights Attorney


Management Consultant

Fundraiser and Event Coordinator for a Major National Nonprofit

Trial Attorney


Bond Trader

Manager at a Major National Nonprofit


Director at Private Company

Humanitarian Aid Advocate

Community Relations at Nonprofit

WGSS majors often go on to graduate school either immediately after graduation or later in life.  Some examples of graduate degrees obtained by WGSS alumni include: MA in Sociology, MA in Sports Management, MA in Development and International Relations, MA in Comparative and International Education, MA in Political Science, MBA, MPH, MPhil in Criminology, MA in Women’s Studies, JD, MD, PhD in History, PhD in Sociology, PhD in English and Women’s Studies, PhD in Comparative Literature, and PhD in Political Science.  These degrees have been earned at universities including UC Berkeley, UConn, Simmons, Cornell, the New School, Columbia, NYU, Harvard, Cambridge, Georgetown, Loyola Law School, Yale Law School, Emory, and the University of Michigan.