The Shana Alexander Research Fellowship in Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

The Spring 2024 application is now open! Deadline for submission is WednesdayFebruary 212024 by 1:00 PM EST. For more information, visit the Yale Student Grants Database.


The Shana Alexander Research Fellowship in Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies provides a limited number of fellowships to support original undergraduate research projects in women’s, gender, and sexuality studies. Priority will be given to research not significantly supported elsewhere. The award is made possible through the generosity of the Shana Alexander Foundation, in honor of Ms. Alexander’s pioneering work in journalism and her commitment to feminist ideals. Currently enrolled freshmen, sophomores, and juniors are eligible to apply. Preference will be given to those students, especially juniors, whose research is intended to contribute to their senior essays.

Application Instructions

Applications should be submitted online via the Yale College Student Grants and Fellowships Office.

For more information regarding application procedures, visit, and search for Shana Alexander Research Fellowship. (You must have a Yale NetID to access the page)

Past Recipients

2021 Larissa Jimenez Gratareaux
Center for Justice and International Law (CEJIL)

Taylor Redd
American Civil Liberties Union of South Carolina

2020 Dominic Jancaterino
“Mr Anthropocene”

Yara El-Khatib
Work and Research Volunteer at CCPF Malawi

Lola Hourihane
Decolonizing Western Theater Methods

Maxwell Richardson
Exploring Kinship Dynamics Among Black Queer Men in the Context of the Ongoing HIV Epidemic

Rachel Calnek-Sugin 
Kinship Studies and Queer Feminist Intervention in U.S. Immigration Enforcement’s Family Detention Policies
Christopher Vargas 
Chicanx Bodies in the Gym: Forming Meanings of Muscularity
Rita Wang 
The Figure of the Welfare Mother and Welfare Child in the United States and Germany


Jake Colavolpe, “Parsing Out the Body: Deconstructing ‘Human’ in the Russian Avant-Garde through Contemporary Cyborg Feminism”

Marie Celeste Dushime, “Emerging Femininities After Violent Conflicts – A Case of the Rwandan Genocide”

Marisa London, “The Preservation and Internalization of Sexual Violence in Black Female Sexual Identity”

Jordana Gardenswartz, “Activism and ‘Self-Care’: A Critical Analysis of the Politics of Care”

Isadora Milanez, “Brazilian Domestic Workers Perspectives”

Angela Sim, “Not One Virtuous Chinawoman: The Page Act of 1875”


Kathy Amiliategui, “Examining Labor Conditions and Cultural Formations of Latina Garment Workers in the Los Angeles Garment District”

Nathaly Aramayo, “ ‘Muxes: Si. Y Los Demas?’: On Muxes, their Communities, Gender Non-conformity, and the Spanish Language”

Eliza Hopkins, “ISIS, ‘Vulnerable’ Women, and the Media Politics of a New Captivity Narrative”

Hannah McCormick, “Lives of Gender Non-conforming People in Rural Mississippi”


Rebecca Bakal, “Innovations in Reentry: The Birth Justice Project Doula Training Program & Internship at ANSIRH

Emily Hays, “Anti-Rape Movements in India”

Dianne Lake, “Female Empowerment in Post-conflict Societies”


Mary Turfah “The Effects of Parisian Secularism on Muslim Religious Life”

Felicity Sheehy “ ‘A Lie in the Soul’: Grieving the First World War in Katherine Mansfield’s Fiction”


Winnie Hong “Gender Performance on the Web:The Effects of New Social Networking Technology on Gender Performance and Dating Culture in the Lesbian Community in South Korea”

Erin Maher “Our Scene, Our Music, Our Movement: Northwest Hip Hop’s Changing Representations of Race, Class, Gender, and Sexuality”

Sophia Nguyen “The Films of Neil Jordan and Pat Murphy: Competing Visions of Gender and Sexuality in Irish National Identity”

Olivia Lynch ”Reproductive Healthcare in the United States:Local Policy Implementation and Impact”


Hilary O’Connell “Mothers and Whores: Legal Obstacles to Family Formation for Sex Workers in Philadelphia County”

Mira Vale ”Reproduction and Resources: Family Planning and Environmental Constraints in Singapore”


Bonnie Antosh “Isis Onstage: Dramatizing the Life of Madame Helena Blavatsky.”

Miranda Lewis “A Qualitative Study of the Value of Female Leadership in Rwanda’s Parliament in the Context of Authoritarian Rule.”

Liane Membis “The New Woman of the Urban South: A Documentary on How African-American Women Reclaimed Sites of Tension.”

Micha’le Simmons “Planned Parenthood of Southern New England Clinical Advocacy Program: Reflections on Patient Activism.”


Ersilia De Filippis Research on Female Intercollegiate varsity Athletes.

Kendall Wilson Research at the Society for Women’s Health Research.

Zackary Enumah “Attitudes and Intersections of Healthcare: Gender Issues around Traditional, Spiritual, and Biomedical Healing among Muslims in Old Town, Mombasea, Kenya.”