Steere Prize in Women’s Studies


Awarded annually for the senior essay which best exemplifies advance in scholarship gained by focusing on women or gender roles and/or by employing feminist theory.


Senior essays written by majors in Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies will be considered.

Past  Recipients

2024 Grace Lawrie:  Mother’s Milk: Sovereignty, Land, and Reproductive Healthcare in the Work of Katsi Cook
2023 Domenic Jancaterino:  Maternal Affection: Cooking as Generational Memory in the Syrian Diaspora
2022 Iman Jaroudi   Identity & Invisibility in the F(ace) of Trauma: Experiences of Relational Violence in the Ace-Aro Community
2021 Abigail Leonard Bridging the Divide: Revealing the Carceral/Military Continuum in the Stories of Abu Ghraib and Dee Deidre Farmer


Sophia Krohn  “Welcome to America, Yanela: Childhood, Visual Media, and a Politics of Activated Innocence”

Maxwell Richardson I Cannot Go Home as I Am: Exploring Identity in Black Queer Men at Yale in context of the HIV/AIDS Epidemic.”


Liam Riley After The Burn: Queer Kinship and Performance Practices in Ballroom Communities as Alternative Home-Making

Rita Wang “Poor But Proud”: Explaining the Racial Welfare Enrollment Gap in Rural Alabama


Emmanuel Cantor  “What Makes a Man a Man”: Constructions of Religious Zionist Masculinity in the Yeshiva

Isadora Milanez  Making Gender and Domestic Work in Brazil

2017 Kathy Amiliategui  The Fabric of Society: Exploitation and Grassroots Activism in the Los Angeles Garment Industry

Laura Goetz  Anemic Science: A bio-ethnographic Case Study on Asking Better Questions

2016 Helen Caldwell  Revenge Pornography and the Law: Beyond a Framework of How to Legislate, and Toward a Framework of Why”
  Emily Hays  Dalit Women’s Movements in India from Independence to Khairlanji: Claims to the Center
2015 Taylor Nicolas ”Who Was Your Grandfather on Your Mother’s Side?” Law, Seduction, and Racial Identity in 1932 Virginia
2014 Hilary O’Connell Public Health for Public Bodies: Harm Reduction, Sex Work, and the Politics of Intervention
2014 Jenna Cook Constructing Kinship: Longing, Loss, and the Politics of Reunion in China
2013 Rebecca Suldan Coalitions, Compromise, and the Costs of Change: Domestic Violence Activism and Federal Public Policy, 1992-1996
2013 Yemurai Mangwendeza Experience and Policy: Women’s Micro-Entrepreneurship and Economic Empowerment in Zimbabwe
2012 Joan Gass   Queer Colonialism? International LGBT Funding in Bangalore, India
2012 Esi Hutchful  Shifting Narratives: Radicalized Representations of Rape Victims and Perpetrators in News Media
2011 Rhiana Gunn-Wright  Breaking the Brood Mare:Representation, Welfare Policy and Teen Pregnancy in New Haven
2011 Jessica Moldovan  Feminist History: Evolution, Development, and Politics in the Aftermath of the Sears Case. 
2010 Mihan Lee  Breaking Barriers: Addressing Structural Obstacles to Social Service Provision for Asian Survivors of Domestic Violence 
2009 Claire Purcell, “Change I Must”: Toward a Theory of Agency in Women’s Drug Recovery
2009 Jessica Svendsen,  Kara Walker and Toni Morrison: Aesthetic Representations of the Unspeakable
2008 Lea Megan Krivchenia, The Southern Mothers’ Front: Nationalism and Motherhood in Sri Lanka through a Feminist Lens
2007 Claire Helen Pavlovic, Cultural Continutiy and Female Agency: Female Suicide Bombers in the Second Palestinian Intifada
2007 Anna Lvovsky
2006 Sarah Scott Stillman,  The Body that Was Not Jessica’s: A Feminist Autopsy of the “Missing White Girl Syndrome”
2005 Mirinda Ann Gillespie
2004 Cathy Ramos de la Aguilera,  Disrupting Street Harassment: Performance, Gender, Race, and Resistance
2004 Sophie Irene Raseman,  From Welfare to Bridefare: The Political and Policy Shift to Familialism in U.S. Social Policy
2003 Alice Elizabeth Wolfram, “Beare witnesse, I prae yow: she calls her whoare”: Defamation, Social Networks, and the Life Course in Early Modern England
2002 Eugenie Alexandra Brinkema
2001 Grace Anna Rollins
2000 Kari Braaten
1999 Francesca Celia Myman,  The Mechanical Vamp, the Cybernetic Siren: Explorations of the “Nature” of the Mechanical Woman
1999 Anisha Sasheen Dasgupta,  Exceptio Quae Probat Regulam (The exception that tests the rule): Women and Clothmaking in Fourteenth Century England 
1999 Deborah Dinner
1998 Cary Franklin, “Feminism Reflected “in the Mirror of Thought: Dora Marsden, Rebecca West, and Feminist Modernism 
1998 Gretchen Elisabeth Boger,  Pushing the Envelope: The Civil Rights Activism of Pauli Murray 
1997 Sydney Sawyer,  Subculture. Gender, and “The South”: Wasichana Wa Barabarani* in a slum of Nairobi
1996 Elizabeth Mara Grandia,  From Dawn ‘Til Dawn: Valuing Women’s Work in the Petén, Guatemala 
1996 Vanita Gupta,  Women in the Bharatiya Janata Party: Engendering the “Hindu Nation”
1995 Sameena Shina Majeed,  Feminist Voices: An Ethnographic Examination of Feminist Consciousness in Urban Pakistani Women
1994 Elizabeth Raphael Wolff,  Fragmented Women, Fetishism in the Art of Hannah Hoch and George Grosz

Galen Leigh Sherwin,  Domestic Fiction and the Discourse of Compromise: Gender and Genre in Louisa May Alcott’s March Trilogy 

1993 Rachel Lisa Mesch,  The Politics of Textuality, Midrashic Representations of the Sexual Encounter
1993 Sandhya Lakshmi Subramanian,  The Look of Subjectivity
1992 Nina Rauh Morrison
1991 Glenn Michael Zuber
1991 Micol Seigel,  Womanspirit Magazine: (Re-) Incarnating the Goddess 
1990 Sarah Lynne Perry,  The Feminist Challenge to an All-Male Clergy: The Struggle for Women’s Ordination in the Protestant Episcopal
1989 Josephine Greene,  Of Drawing Rooms and College Rooms; Education, Isolation, & Intimacy in the Work of Virginia Woolf
1989 Blyth Denison Taylor,  The Society of Revolutionary Republican Women: A Study in Gender Politics 
1988 Lilian J. Autler, “Fire and Tenderness”: The Women’s Organization and the State in Revolutinoary Nicaragua
1988 Erin Suzanne Kelly,  Cassat’s The Boating Party and Woolf’s To the Lighthouse: The Woman Artist and the Representation of the Madonna 
1987 Nell Bernstein
1987 Monica Mueller, “you… a revolution… you… the first real change.” –Nina Hagen
1987 Heather Weidemann,  When Men and Women Speak: Thematics of Gender in the Poetry of Elizabeth Barrett and Robert Browning 
1986 Yvonne Zylan
1984 Allison Coleman
1983 Marcia Ishii-Eiteman,  The Impact of MNC’s on Malay Female Factory Workers and on Malaysian Development Policy in the 80’s