Elga Wasserman Award


The ELGA WASSERMAN AWARD is given to a senior who has shown extraordinary commitment to the advancement of social justice and gender equality at Yale College.

Women’s Studies at Yale began in the confluence of two events: the scholarly impulse of early second-wave feminism and the 1969 admission of Yale’s first female undergraduates. Elga Wasserman, the President’s Special Assistant on the Education of Women, argued forcefully for women’s studies as a necessary element of coeducation and organized eight courses focused on women by the second year. 

Elga Wasserman Awardees

Jasselene Paz 2024
Natasha Ambriz-Villela 2023
Morgan Baker 2022
Tera Hoffman 2020
SGH Gavis-Hughson 2019
Celeste Dushime 2018

Isaac Amend

Nicholas Aramayo


Rose Bear Don’t Walk 2016
Chamonix Amelia Adams Porter 2015
Sochi Nnameka 2008
Haley Elizabeth Hogan 2007
Fei Liu 2002
Bukola Hammed-Owens 2001
Grace Anna Rollins 2000
Joshua David Kagan 1999
Lisa Hasday 1998
Erika Fricke 1997
Iffat Islam 1996
Ona Ahumada 1996
Emily Ishem Raboteau 1995