GALA Senior Essay Prize

In association with GALA (the Yale Gay and Lesbian Alumni/ae Association), LGBT Studies awards an annual GALA Senior Essay Prize. Any senior essay or senior project, submitted to any department or program in Yale College, is eligible if it addresses a topic relevant to lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender studies.

GALA Senior Essay Prize Recipients:

2018 Anonymous  At His Majesty’s Pleasure: The 1906 Bucknill Inquiry and the Global Fates Of Chinese Labor’
2017 Isabel Cruz  Visibility & Violence: The Social and Legal Impacts of Argentina’s Transgender Rights Law
2016 Sarah Giovanniello  Marching Sideways: Queering Adolescence in Nadezhda Durova’s The Cavalry Maiden

Eliana Kwartler   The Marked Body of Christ: Constructing a Queer Religion in the AIDS-Era Works of David Wojnarowicz and Ron Athey


Jason Cyrus Mazzella  Queer Civil Society in Contemporary China: Understanding Variation in Success Across Gay and Lesbian Organizations

Christopher Mulvey  Male Bodybuilding: Theorizing the Hyperbuilt Body

2014 Gabriel Murchison Clinics, Cancer, and Children: Lesbian Health in the U.S. AIDS Crisis
2013 Rachel Looff The “Dykes” Chapter: Response to “In Amerika They Call Us Dykes” as a Representation of Lesbian Participation in the 1970s US Women’s Health Movement
2012 Joan Gass “Queer Colonialism? International LGBT Funding in Bangalore, India”
2011 Gabriel Seidman “Is Safe Sex Queer Sex? Understanding Trends in HIV Transmission Prevention Amongst Men Who Have Sex With Men”
2010 Bradley Milam “Gay West Virginia: Community Formation and the Forging of a Gay Appalachian Identity, 1963-1979”

Kathryn Himmelstein “Scared Straight: Institutional Sanctions against LGBTQ Youth”

Anna Wipfler “The Making of ‘the Gay Ivy’: A History of Lesbian and Gay Student Organizing at Yale, 1969-1987”

2008 Michael Nedelman for his film “Everyone Who Has Ever Lived Here”

Matthew Busick “Becoming a Yale Man: Intimacy among Yale Students in the Nineteenth Century”

Robin Pearce “A House Divided: The Shifting Identity of the Black Church Navigated through the Discourse of the Lives of Men Who Have Sex with Other Men”

2006 Loren Elise Krywanczyk

Quan Trinh

2005 Morgan Kate Richards

Daniel James Nugent

Joshua Ryan Goodbaum

2003 Josie Rodberg
2002 Lara Marie Rios
2001 Patrick Brennan Gerard
2000 Jonathan Mallow