Affiliated Faculty

Julia Adams's picture

Professor of Sociology and International and Area Studies

Carol Armstrong's picture

Professor of the History of Art

Daniel Botsman's picture

Professor of History

Melanie Boyd's picture

Yale College Dean Student Affairs; Senior Associate Dean

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Charles C & Dorathea S Dilley Professor of African American Studies & American Studies Emerita

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Malcolm G Chace Professor of East Asian Lang/Lit(Chinese Lit)

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Senior Lecturer, MacMillan Center and History; Research Fellow MacMillan Center

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Prof Sociology

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Assistant Professor

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Prof Sociology, Dir Ctr for Cultural Sociology

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Assoc Prof Comparative Lit

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Peter V & C Vann Woodward Prof of History; Prof, African American Studies and American Studies

Jacqueline Goldsby's picture

(leave of absence spring); Prof of English & African American Studies and Afr Am Studies

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Associate Professor of American Studies and of Religious Studies

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Professor Emeritus of Architecture and American Studies

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Assoc Prof Int Med General Medicine, Assoc Prof Ob/Gyn, Master Trumbull Coll

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William K Lanman, Jr Prof of Anthropology & Intl Affairs and MacMillan Center; Co-Dir Undergrad Studies Middle East Studies

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John M. Musser Professor of French

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Prof History

Helene Landemore-Jelaca's picture

Assoc Prof Political Science

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Lex Hixon Professor of Religious Studies and American Studies, Professor of History and Divinity; FAS Dean of Humanities

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Assoc Prof (Adj) Theater Studies

Kobena Mercer's picture

Prof History of Art and Afr Am Studies

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Lect Theater Studies

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Lecturer, Yale School of Nursing

Priyamvada Natarajan's picture

Prof Dept of Astronomy & Physics, Chn Women Faculty Forum

John Pachankis's picture

Associate Professor of Public Health (Social and Behavioral Sciences)

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Prof American Studies; Prof Religion & Visual Culture; Deputy Director, ISM; Dir, Initiative for the Study of Material & Visual Cultures of Religion

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Lecturer of Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

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Arthur Liman Prof of Law Law Sch

Naomi Rogers's picture

Professor in the History of Medicine and of History

Alicia Schmidt Camacho's picture

Prof American Studies, Assoc Head of Ezra Stiles College

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Lecturer, Hellenic Studies Prog MacMillan Center and Religious Studies

Rebecca Tannenbaum's picture

Sr Lect History; Yale NUS Fellow International Affairs

Jing Tsu's picture

Professor of Modern Chinese Literature & Culture

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Prof Anthropology

Noel Valis's picture

Professor Spanish

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Seymour H Knox Prof English; Prof English & American Studies; Chn English

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Prof Political Science; Prof Intl and Area Studies